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Get more out of your assets!

Understanding your electric motors and generators is the key to getting more out of them. Leading industry experts will take you inside AC & DC motors. You’ll learn how they run, proper maintenance & repair techniques, and how to detect early-stage problems (before they lead to motor failure).

Our customized course curriculums cover operating theory, testing, maintenance and proper repair processes for AC & DC motors and generators.  These courses are ideal for electricians, technicians, maintenance personnel, engineers, purchasing and management employees. They can be offered as Lunch & Learns, or more extensive ½ day to 3 day courses.

Learn how to identify motor construction, components and applications
Learn how to recognize early stage problems and develop action plans
Develop a better understanding of predictive and preventive services
Move toward the uptime and cost efficiency of condition monitoring
Understand the differences between a reliability vs. price driven repair