we remove, install and commission small, large and extra-large AC & DC motors and generators, PPS field services specialists have extensive experience with highly engineered applications, including sites that require roof removal and crane access for asset removal and installationOnsite Electric Motor and Generator Repair

-Predictive Maintenance
-Vibration & modal analysis
-Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)
-Partial discharge testing
-Operational Deflection Mode Shape
-Synchronous rotor diagnostics
-Current analysis trending
-Motor efficiency testing

Preventive Maintenance

-On-site diagnostics
-Replacement of mission-critical AC & DC motors
-Installation and alignment

Our coast-to-coast resources come through big-time when you need emergency response and outage support. We have the experienced technicians and technologies you need — more ride out teams with trucks, cranes, portable generators, test equipment and critical spares .

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-Asset removal and installation
-Electric motor and generator commissioning and installation
-Emergency and outage support
-Predictive & Preventive Maintenance
-Temporary and long-term storage
-Mechanical machining and repair
-AC & DC motor and generator repair
-On-site rewinds

-Vibration & modal analysis
-Laser alignment
-On-site balancing
-Commutator and slip ring service
-Filter replacements
-Lubrication programs
-Equipment inspections

Electric Motor and Generator Emergency Repair & Outage Support

PPS uses Resin-Rich coils for on-site rewinds of medium AC motors and generators, including  generators and hydroelectric generators. offering significant improvements in dielectric and thermal performance

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Equipment Removal, Installation and Commissioning

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Predictive & Preventive Maintenance
Keep your electric motors & generators running

On-Site Electric Motor and Generator Rewinds

Moving from emergency costs and unplanned downtime to planned maintenance cuts your operating costs. We can also help you lower capital spending with extended system and component life. Our PPS field service technicians use state-of-the-art technologies and test equipment for the most accurate predictive and preventive maintenance results.

PPS also provides end-of-warranty inspections for your repair or replace decisions. Together, we can deliver signification improvements in your operation’s productivity and return on investment


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